General Training Program 2015

Punjab Judicial Academy takes pride to announce that General Training Program (GTP) for Year 2015 has been approved by Honourable Chief Justice, Mr. Justice Khawaja Imtiaz Ahmad on 10-12-2014. General Training Program is a signature training program of PJA wherein every Judge in Punjab will receive training in year 2015. Academy focuses on training of every judge every year. In this program training has been envisaged as an obligation instead of chance or opportunity. Program has been designed to train the Judges to solve the problems of litigants in more proactive manner and thus to reduce their miseries. GTP is coupled with a calendar which has scheduled each and every activity of the Academy pertaining to this program for the whole year. Under the calendar every participant/Judge will know beforehand, the date of his training and may thus avoid fixing of cases on such dates. In this way inconvenience to litigants will be avoided.

GTP is unique in its nature as it includes not only law subjects but also includes social subjects. In this way, it helps the participants to understand the problems and social issues from the grass root level, which actually culminate into the litigation. Innovative techniques of Time Management, Court Management and Case Management are also part of the GTP. GTP is termed as Signature Program of PJA as no other Academy in Pakistan or in the South Asian region has designed General Training Program on such lines.   

 Academy thanks Honourable Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah, for his lordship kind guidance in designing this program. The Academy is also deeply grateful to Honourable Chief Justice, Mr. Justice Khawaja Imtiaz Ahmad, Chairperson PJA, for timely approval of General Training Program.

Handbooks for GTP of: